Chin Baptist Church Commissioning

Commissioning the Chin Baptist Church
A Heart For Our City  
Since 1889, FBCOKC has focused on church planting, birthing more than 105 congregations across our state. Thatís more than one per year! But, despite such numbers, the percentage of unchurched in our population continues to grow, and we have reclaimed church planting as a major priority.

FBCOKCís church-planting strategy also focuses on giving people of diverse languages and cultures the opportunity to worship in their own languages while sharing a sense of community. The first Sunday of each month, we worship together as one church, one family and one community of faith.

Through our efforts since 2005, six churches related to FBCOKC have sprouted and begun to grow:
  • Convergence, which meets in the Plaza District, connects with the arts community and those on the social edges of our city. A partnership with the Capital Baptist Association, Convergence is led by pastor Scott Scrivner.
  • Since it started five years ago, the Cowboy Country Church in Chickasha has grown from a group of 20 to more than 125 members. They now have purchased a building and look toward planting churches themselves. Jay Allen, Cowboy Church pastor Lynn Walker and CBFO have started a Cowboy Church in the Oklahoma City metro area.
  • The United Myanmar Baptist Church is the home to Myanmar refugees representing five Chin/Zomi, Karen, and Kachin people groups. They worship together in Burmese, a second language to all of them.
  • Lai Baptist Church is a part of the larger Myanmar family but worships in the Hahka language. Many of them come as a result of our missions work in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • The newest addition to our global-local endeavor is the Sudanese Christian Fellowship, who joined us in May 2010. They study and worship in Arabic but are also comfortable with English. They come from the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, a place that has witnessed profound conflict and religious persecution. They are led by Andrew Konda.

So, it's clear that church planting is alive and well at First Baptist Church. And this is only the beginning. As these new churches find their footing, we will aggressively explore additional opportunities for starting churches that can help effectively reach our community and minister to specific needs.
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