Ministerial Staff

FBCOKC is currently in a time of transition without a Senior Pastor. We are excited about what the future holds for us and we are praying and seeking Godís will. As God leads us to find our next pastor, we are immersing ourselves in prayer, Bible study, and worship. This is a wonderful place to be and an exciting time to be here. God has amazing things planned for us!

"In the 125-year history of FBCOKC, there have been many transitions: transitions in leadership, in our approach to missions, in worship style, in membership and much more. Many of these transitions involved painful decisions. Members did not always agree. There were long hours, tears, joy, frustration, and hugs. And ultimately hallelujahs. This one will be no different, because God is at the center of it all."
Dale Ingram, Deacon Chair

Jacquita Duncan, Minister of Congregational Life
Joan Edge, Congregational Chaplain
Bruce Greer, Director of Creative Worship Arts
Kim Greer, Minister of Music and Worship
Mack Roark, Interim Pastor
Kristin Rogers, Minister for Administration and Children
Brad Stewart, Minister for Discipleship and Youth
Sarah Stewart, Minister for Young Adults

Missions Staff
Marie Davis, Kids Hope Coordinator

Operations Staff
Jerry Boone, Director of Facilities
Sabrina Davis, Office Administrative Coordinator
David Swenson, Director of Food Services
Barbara Ward, Financial Services Coordinator
Charles Williams, Congregational Grounds and Safety Coordinator

Staff Member to Contact for Calls Regarding:
Weddings: Sarah
Press Releases/Media: Kristin
Website: Kristin
Church Calendar: Sabrina
Phone/Address Changes: Sabrina
Prayer Requests: Sabrina
Gym Rental/Use: Brad
Language Lab/ESL: Sabrina
Funerals: Jacquita
FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH  1201 N. ROBINSON OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73103 405.232.4255 info@fbcokc.org